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Our Mission

Promising unmatched shisha smoking experience

We challenge the status quo by combining convenience, innovation, experience and traditional shisha tobacco flavors with a commitment to providing world-class, quality ingredients that are ready to smoke.

Revolution of shisha industry

A Breakthrough Technology

Shishapresso has created a new milestone by offering this one-of-a-kind innovation to shisha enthusiasts.

Our ready-to-smoke shisha capsules are filled with premium-grade tobacco molasses.

The ring is engineered out of stainless steel, serving as the foundation that bridges the head and the capsule for a seamless experience.

The head is molded out of 400° heat resistant silicone, which allows you to enjoy the shisha flavors to the fullest.

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What Is Shishapresso All About

Here’s how Shishapresso is a cut above the rest

Indulge in tasty, ready-to-smoke hookah flavors in the comfort of your home. What more can shisha lovers ask for? Now you can easily skip that visit to a shisha shop or shisha lounge and still enjoy a satisfying hookah session!

Shishapresso is focused on sustainability in our packaging and manufacturing processes, educating our customers about shisha hygiene, and promoting responsible shisha use. We are proud to deliver exceptional value and satisfaction to customers in every puff.

How Are We Different From Regular Shisha?

Innovative Technology

The capsules are filled with premium-quality tobacco molasses. The ring is crafted in stainless steel while the head is molded out of 400° heat-resistant silicone.

Convenient and Easy To Use

The word ‘presso’ in Italian means ‘quickly’; simply peel the seals, shake thoroughly, place the capsule, add the charcoal, and your shisha is ready in a few seconds!

Consistent performance

Shishapresso promises a wide range of carefully selected flavors made with A grade molasses. Choose from a wide range of flavor portfolio, from Double Apple to Miami.


Warehouse E 16 & 17

Gate Number 2, Ajman Free Zone

Ajman, United Arab Emirates

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