About Shishapresso®

Shishapresso® changes the way you smoke your shisha, by introducing a first of its kind, patent pending application. With Shishapresso®, you can now set up your shisha in seconds with ease and no mess! Shishapresso® also offers you the finest European grade Virginia tobacco and a delectable selection of flavors.


About The Brand

Launched in 2013, Shishapresso® changes the way you smoke your shisha, by introducing a first of its kind, patent pending application. The shisha industry has remained mostly unchanged for centuries but Shishapresso® brings modern convenience to this timeless tradition. You can now set up your shisha in seconds with ease and no mess! With Shishapresso®’s innovative capsule you can set up your shisha in three easy steps: shake the capsule, peel off the top and bottom stickers, and then place the capsule on top of your shisha. It’s that simple.

The unique capsule design reduces heat absorption, making it easier to handle during and after smoking your shisha. It even traps the flavors in the tobacco, meaning you can use the same shisha for multiple flavors and cleaning is much easier. The capsule is also shaped in a way that makes it easy to grip, handle and remove and has a hollow inner shape that creates an effortless smoke.

Shishapresso®’s edge doesn’t stop here. Quality is at the heart of Shishapresso®. We never settle for anything less than the best tobacco. The high quality tobacco we use is what makes Shishapresso® so satisfying and pleasing to the senses. We source only the finest European grade Virginia leaves. Even our blends only use the finest natural ingredients to perfectly complement the hand selected natural Virginia tobacco leaves. The result is a well-balanced experience that seamlessly combines the richness of sweet Virginia notes with the natural flavors of your choice.

With Shishapresso® you will enjoy an unforgettable, convenient and consistent smoking experience. This is ensured by packing the right amount of tobacco, the right texture, and our unique foil hole pattern.

History of Shisha


The first ever shisha came from India. It was made out of coconut shell. It rapidly spread to Persia.

The first historical documentation of the shisha (the water pipe) was in the 1560s.


Tobacco was introduced to Persia around 1600 meaning people were smoking different leaves up until this point.

Shisha’s popularity expanded throughout Persia, spilling over into the Arab world.

The shisha reaches Turkey.

By the time of Murat the IV (1623-40), the shisha has become a key element of coffee shop culture in Turkey.

Rules for shisha smoking were established with ‘professional smokers’ taking it upon themselves to enlighten others on proper technique.


Craftsmen in Anatolia start to showcase their skills by adorning water pipes with elaborate designs and decorative motifs.


The popularity of the shisha continues to spread as more countries embrace this tradition.

When the shisha craze began, only dark tobacco was used. By now it was common for people to get creative by adding things to the water. The most popular additions included sour cherries, grapes, pomegranate juice and rose oil.


Shisha became very trendy and stylish among the elite, especially women. Having a photo taken with a shish was all the rage in the early 1900s.

Shisha’s popularity starts to grow beyond Iran, Turkey, the Middle East, India, etc. Shisha passion starts to grow in Europe and the US.


Shisha cafes open all over the world and many people discover the satisfaction only a shisha can bring.

A vast selection of flavored tobacco becomes widely available.


Shishapresso® introduces the first true revolution in the shisha industry in centuries. Lighting a shisha becomes quicker, easier and cleaner than ever before.